Pancake Day

My wonderful friend Eli invited us to his pancake party to indulge in his culinary delights. As guests, we supplied the toppings which consisted of all the fruit discounted in the Tuesday fruit market in Library Square (Sussex) and the various forms of milk chocolate available at the campus co-op.
Here were one of the many creations we made:

1. Apple and cinnamon: basically apples grated with cinnamon and brown sugar (topped off with golden syrup and some strawberries and blueberries)

2. Fried bananas caramelised in brown sugar and cinnamon (yet again) coated  with creme freche, blueberries, strawberries and molten chocolate

3.Savoury: Spinach and mushroom cooked with creme freche and goats cheese. That is then topped off with a bit of garlic and herb cream cheese

4. Then lots and lots of kiwi with strawberries, lemon, sugar and blueberries…. on top of Eli’s sumptuous blueberry american stack pancakes.

So basically, when I say Eli can cook, he can: there was basically different kinds of pancakes- for students anyone making various types of pancakes is classed to be a skilled cook; this is based on the scale of anyone able to boil an egg is seen as a capable cook.  There’s a difference between Canadian and American pancakes apparently… and then there’s obviously the European-stype pancakes- the crepe; oh and the savory ones too. If I could post the recipe she used, I wouldn’t blog it as they are just too awesome to share on the blogosphere. Sorry.

A slightly more civilised and cultured than last pancake day, I believe we were busy filming my friend’s drunk flatmate try and do a handstand against the wall and fail miserably at 1am.


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