Guide to Student Living

Living on the council estate of Sussex University mainly due to being extremely broke, there are many things you learn from living in a shed for 12.
Firstly: Never buy cutlery or plates, or actually any pots of pans until you have met your housemates before hand. If you do what the university recommend (buy your own stuff from them), you will soon realise that your midget kitchen is too ill-equipped to store any more than a bag of pasta and some pesto. Basically, get two sets of pots and pans, two chopping boards for meat and veg and a set of knifes… which brings me onto tip number two: washing up. You will have, by default, a slob in your house who will not understand the concept of cleaning after one’s self… perhaps to the extent that they don’t know how to keep themselves clean (but that is an extreme case) In this case, you either have to put up with their untidiness or come up with a kitchen rota to ensure that the kitchen does not get to the point that you may contract salmonella. Thirdly, do not expect to do much work in halls. In fact if you want to do work, go to the library in between lectures and work out a 9-5 schedule on campus so you can chill out and do fun stuff in the evenings. Number 4, nothing will work in your halls, well nothing does here. I know the porters exist but my trusty shed has seen better days. The light in our kitchen fell on my housemate’s head the other day… but then again its character building. And lastly, if you want to have a major piss up do it at someone else’s house: saves you cleaning.

P.S If you’re up to paying 100 quid a week for posh halls, you’re not doing uni right 🙂


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