the hustle and bustle of jaipur

jacob murphy's photo blog

it’s so great to be back in jaipur. i feel really at home and connected here. such a bustling city full of life and tradition. one thing that jaipur is very good at (it’s a heritage city, you know) is maintaining its past while finding its future.

to see our post on the most recent dirt floors and stone walls work with the schools, please visit thank you!

this rickshaw driver was literally crazy. certifiable. he was sideswiping other rickshaws on purpose! he had a good laugh.

just for guys fixing stuff in a ditch.

this family lives above the restaurant that they work at.

not who you would imagine selling toys. but he seems to be good at what he does.

folding folding folding folding folding

don’t worry. if the gas station catches on fire they have a bucket of dirt and two extinguishers.

walking past amber…

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