Mandarin Orange Risotto

On the list of things to cook!

On the off chance that you’re tired of marmalade recipes (Never fear marm-fans: there are more recipes coming down the Pike!), a fresh twist (Ha! Twist! Do you see what I did there?) on citrus: Mandarin orange-infused risotto. Oranges can be tough to cook with: they are sweet and delicious, but without the assertive tang of a lemon, the flavor can be easily lost, especially in savory cooking. However, that should not preclude us from trying: the flavor of oranges, especially the tangy, floral Satsuma Mandarins, is well worth the effort. And besides: lemon? Lemon chicken, lemon pasta, lemon risotto, lemon, lemon, lemon: if lemon were a Brady girl, it would definitely be Marcia.

Enter Jan, our sweet little Mandarin orange. A little bumpy, a little misshapen, but floral and fragrant and delicious. After searching through about a million lemon risotto recipes, I found this one

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