Shame- the controversy

A brilliant film always creates a stir, even the mention of it in our communal kitchen fuels a lively debate. The question of whether sex addiction is an actual medical condition is well, in itself, questionable. I feel really annoyed by every negative review I see about the film, I am that passionate of a fan. And yes, it is again another film with Mr Fassbender in it, this is not obsessive behaviour just he’s in everything at the moment! I love anything with flawed, interesting and mysterious characters. Characters that make me go, so what happened to them once the film has finished. Perhaps that mentality has led to my  addiction to House, the Rose and Doctor romance (in Dr Who) and Cumberbatch’s edition of Shelock Holmes. I have only recently got my head around indie films for that reason.

The main problem is that people feel uncomfortable talking about sex in general, so talking about sex addiction as a disorder someone could suffer from is extremely difficult for society to comprehend. I have came across the argument that sex addiction is an excuse to be promiscuous; and that the film is justification for ‘sleeping around’ and it objectifies women. But if Brandon was a woman instead (no I don’t mean Fassbender dressing in drag!), I mean if the main character was a woman would the film be so controversial? Perhaps it is the audience’s pre-conceived discrimination of women that makes them so taken back by the sexual nature of the film. Personally I blame the easy access of porn and how most men have compared the film to ‘soft porn’. The character fulfils some people’s fantasy of being able to ‘pull’ whenever they wanted and being ‘adventurous’ in the bedroom which I guess is the selling point of porn; but that is not what the film is solely about! Yes people comparing the film to porn makes me want to punch them too! It’s people like them that undermine the integrity and seriousness of a very real problem that people suffer from.

Hats off for everyone who participated making this film Steve McQueen, Carey Mulligan and Michael Fassbender especially, even if it is seen a taboo is some people’s eyes- it still an important issue that had to be addressed; it most certainly put their careers on a very fine line.  My defence for this film just shows how good I think it is! If you haven’t watched it yet, you should.

If you don’t trust my word:


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