Trolling Through Brightonian Shops- Promenade Article (Sussex Uni Fashion Magazine)

Promenade December Edition:

Any Brightonian knows that if you want any type of clothing under the sun, North Laines is your destination. Indeed it depends on what tickles your fancy but I always end up in the same shops everytime I go there. Of course there’s the guilty pleasure in the form of Cyberdog- the shop that really you go in, think the outfits are brilliant but I will never wear that or I want to dye my hair that UV colour for a night out and that vulgar idea is abandoned once you leave back into the threshold of normality. Then there’s To Be Worn Again, two of them to be precise as well as Beyond Retro, which is equivalent to rummaging through your once-was hipster grandmother’s attic for something that you might want to wear.

I seek my attire in the boutique stores. I do admit I do own clothing purchased from the High Street but with my concern with who and how the clothes are made, I personally think buying clothes from independent, locally owned shops is the way forward. You are, in essence, supporting your local economy as well. On that note: my two picks of this issue.

Pretty Vacant
11/12 Trafalgar Street

The shop does look pricey from the front, which deteriorates any motivation for a skint student to venture in. However real bargains are to be found. With their discounted winter range, you can grab a casual dress for less than £30. Woollens are also a good shout right now, a jumper which is normally retailed for £40 is going for £20. There is also a 10% student discount (I NEED TO CHECK AGAIN!) for all non-discounted items.

Sugarhill Boutique

This was one of the first shops I went into when I moved to Brighton last term. As a Fresher and having lived in Asia for a long time, it was great to see an abundance of beautiful clothes to filter though which I could afford for once. Again something I haven’t been able to do in this country. I found an amazing dress for only £25 in November, discounted from £65. I constantly going in to this shop to find another bargain, which is an easy find especially with their £10 or less display at the back; but with my student loan gradually depleting it is just window shopping for me.


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