Deadfordshire- Pick ‘n’ Mix

Woolworths was only good for two things: cheap sweets and even cheaper useless Christmas gifts during their closing down sale in the winter of ’08. Pick ‘n’ Mix at the cinema was always a rip off and Wilkinsons just don’t have the same variety; passing the cinema in Bedford makes me nostalgic. Woolworths is now just another bloody Tesco’s, how a town of 20,000 people needs 5 Tescos I don’t know!

I’ll be leaving another set of memories behind when my dad finally moves to Kuala Lumpur which is June, not that long a way actually. But I should probably stop moaning and reflect on some of the positive aspects of the place. I know I’ve moved on but what I’ve achieved, the friends I’ve made and the things I’ve discovered about myself will stay with me forever I hope. I’ll try and take some pretty pictures of the place and make a proper, arty album of Bedford and the surrounding areas before I say goodbye to it for good.

This is what happened to Bedford:


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