Anwar Ibrahim, a serious opposition?

The end of Sodomy 2.0, Anwar Ibrahim

As a newly made member of the Malaysian electorate, I have no idea who to vote for in the next election. Anwar has no real policy but simply to be anti- Barisan Nasional. And nepotism is prevalent in his party. I despise the fact that politics in Malaysia is racial, there’s always positive discrimination towards the Malays in which I admit my immediate family have benefited from. But in personal circumstances, I believe that if all races within Malaysia were treated equally the country would be more successful and competitive yet I understand why it is the way it is.

The race riots of 13 May 1969 have constantly been brushed under the carpet by Malaysian historians, but it is, in my eyes the cause of the Bumiputra benefits which was re-branded as the New Economic Plan of the country from there on.

With change under a charismatic, focused and straight leader then country has potential to correct the undertones of the obvious racial and economic factions within the country. Just there aren’t any capable candidates. It is a shame because the country does produce some brilliant people, who normally decide to recite elsewhere. (My mother was one of them, who did not return to the country for 18 years, she’s one of the amazing people FYI) I feel like I may follow suit until I can see Malaysia as a place without great economic and social boundaries, and I know many friends  who feel the same way.

So behind the opaque curtains that Malaysia hides it’s flaws, there is the government censored evidence of unhappiness with a governing party that has ruled for 54 years (since Independence in 1957, under different names and structures of course). Like the rest of South East Asia, it’s natural beauty, cool people and laid back way is shaded by a history of discontent that is often unmentioned. So in that way, Malaysia [is] truly Asia.

Another interesting feature on the Malaysian economy from the BBC : It’s from last September but it’s still relevant.

I’m home-sick 😦


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