KONY 2012- Learn from History!

Spread the word or maybe not:

Here are some conflicting ideas:

“...Russell is pretty much on the money about the nature of Kony. If such things still existed, he’d be a prime example of hostis humani generis. But if this works, then the world gets a little bit more dangerous. It presents a pretty simple and powerful idea: we identify a prime candidate for global public enemy number one, we get his name to the entire world with viral marketing and then leverage that to get policymakers to go after him.”

“I’m not using sovereignty here as a barrier, but it’s something to consider. Helpfully, the video excludes the fact that Uganda helped invade the DRC in the 1990s, DRC politicians are currently under indictment for war crimes committed in the CAR and when Uganda went into South Sudan to chase Kony, their own troops were accused of killing and kidnapping South Sudanese civilians. I’m no Africa specialist, but that sounds like a disaster in the making if one of them is going to be given carte blanche to go after Kony, if such a thing is possible.”

Quoted from: http://kingsofwar.org.uk/2012/03/joseph-kony-and-crowdsourced-intervention/

… I would like to address the harmful nature of your propaganda. I believe your actions will actually bring back the fighting in Northern Uganda. You are not asking for peace, but violence. The fighting has stopped in the past 5 years and the Acholi are finally enjoying some peace. You will be inviting the LRA and the fighting back into Uganda and disturbing this peace. The last time Invisible Children got politically involved and began lobbying it actually caused more violence and deaths. I beg you not to do it again.”

Quoted from: http://www.reddit.com/r/politics/comments/qm349/why_the_kony_documentary_and_invisible_children/

Then there the questions of financial gain, where is the money going:

From the visible children blog:  “I’m talking about the amount of money that Invisible Children spends on active aid, as opposed to advocacy. I understand that their mission is primarily advocacy – my question is whether this is what’s best at this part of the conflict.”

The total worth all the assets owned by the Invisible Children initiative has gone up by 71% from $2,012,465 to $6,931,285 and the total revunue generated was $13,765,180 mostly from donations (and that is of course not taxed). The ‘cash at the end of the year 2011″ is equal to $6,036,803 so what are they doing with so much surplus!

Also this is what they spent donations on in 2010:

Source: http://c2052482.r82.cf0.rackcdn.com/images/737/original/FY11-Audited%20Financial%20Statements.pdf?1320205055

Not one cent goes to the redevelopment and support of the so called ‘invisible children’ and their communities in Northern Uganda…

Any form of genocide and crimes against humanity should be tried under the International Court of Juice, we as the world should know about what is going on but a report on such a sensitive matter should never be so one sided. The thought that this is issue is to be as simplistic as ‘eradicating’ one individual from the equation is in the words of both my sources, ‘dangerous’. It’s like Hitler and his actual control over Germany during the 1930’s-40’s, did he actually understand the consequences of what he was doing or was he a figurehead for the Nazi party that was really ran by radicals? And despite Hitler’s and other key members of the Nazi party being removed from German politics (they’re dead basically), Neo-nazism still exists- and perhaps it is because we did the same thing to him as Russell is trying to do to Kony during WW2. Hitler was still a prick and that statement is not trying to justify the holocaust, not by any means  but I think it proves that it’s a battle of an organisation and ideology not just one individual.

A video is not going to fool me!


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