100 Word Play for the Young Writers Festival- My attempt

I no longer have work due in for this term! WOOP!

It means I am passing my time with doing silly things like this:

The Play:

Ali: Distressed woman in twenties.

Set: level with audience, bench.

Enters striding, clinging on to her shoulder bag. Stops mid-way, walks to front of set and tip toes. She sighs. Then strides to the bench and steps onto it, doesn’t attain her goal and steps down. She combs her hair with her hand whilst walking towards audience.

Ali: Excuse me!

She moves set horizontal to her origin then stops.

Ali: Hi! Have you seen a two year old in pink..

[Phone rings]

Ali rummages through her bag

Ali: Thank God!!! [holds up a tamagochi]

Ali: [Picks up phone] Hello!

I misread the rules of submission and thought it was 100 words or less for everything, but apparently not, the character indicators and title (which I forgot to write opps) are excluded. I’m an idiot, I know but I submitted it now 🙂


Writing my proper attempt now. Will try and get it on the drama society at uni first.


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