You, Me And Everyone We Know ))><((

This was a film shown at a lecture hall yesterday. It was certainly contemporary; and even amongst us, there were some mixed reviews. It was surreal, dark, funny but plot-less.  I take joy in understanding the characters, the psychology behind their actions as an excuse to analytically judge another human being without feeling guilt for doing so. Personally I think this film maker took their artistic license a bit too far for my own liking. It’s probably a film makers ideal film in terms of it’s abstract nature but personally it lacked substance. It was even slightly disturbing, especially with the internet romance between little Robby and the museum curator and their eventual meet up. Although I did find it amusing in a dark way, I felt wrong for even laughing it. Perhaps that was the aim of the film to feel: happy, uncomfortable and enlightened simultaneously; but in all honesty I don’t what the goal was. As a member of the audience that really bugs me.  I have to say Robby was easily my favourite character, he was brilliant and I would not mind having a little brother like him.

Not a fan I’m afraid. I do like my indie films. Talking about good indie films: there is one called the Third Star starring the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m also a fan of Fish Tank.

Another review on the topic:


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