Domestic Politics

The university wants to privatise 10% of their services, mainly to make more money even though they are making profit, will have to hunt for those numbers one day.  I guess technically they don’t have to publish them if they aren’t a public listed company unlike the guys running the Kony campaign. It’s mainly targeting the porters, cleaners, caterers and security guys that always have our back and let us BBQ outside in the sun.

So basically yesterday we gave them a piece of our mind and protested out side the vice-chancellor’s office. Our rather cheesy chants were directed at Michael Farthing, our vice-chancellor, who allegedly wanted to close down the Chemistry School because it wasn’t profiteering as much as the other departments. Besides being a core science, the Sussex Chemistry department is the best in the entire country and world renowned. Other rumours of the past  were where student support units have been striped of almost 90% of their funding in order to save money. Considering the state of the halls half of us live in, it’ll be nice to see some liquidity coming into student welfare rather than academic prestige to attract more full-fee paying international students.

Anyway, enough with my rant- here are some pictures. 

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