Why are students so political? Initial unfinished draft, please comment! :)

Blogging students is a new initiative hosted by the Guardian, and I, being optimistic as ever is hoping to get something on it. A lot of it is to do with very generic student life, like clubbing, exams, internships, sex, drugs and rock and roll: which yes is a big deal but that is certainly not all that happens in student life. The editors, regardless of how bland their uni days may have been should bloody well know this!

First 2 paragraphs…

As a first-year student from an estranged upbringing to the average British undergraduate, it’s hard to not to collude to the thought that I am living in a large student commune of which is Sussex University campus. Regardless of class and financial origin, every student seems to be fairly left wing which contradicts the typical classist stereotype associated with socialism. I thought it was just a reflection on the general liberal vibe that resonates in Brighton but is this endemic of the youth in Britain?

Every university has a democratically elected student union that acts on behalf of the student community, who are affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS). From the nuclear disarmament movement to the abolishment to the South African Government’s Apatite policy, NUS and other specialised student bodies have been actively protesting and lobbying for positive change.  With social-economic turbulence being so close to our home turf, students are beginning to protest for the betterment of their own lives taking the tuition fee protests of 2011 as a prime example.

Note: I need sources! IF anyone want a comment included, I’d be happy to quote you as long as it’s relevant of course!


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