Being in the situation that I’m in, I’d rather have a clear path to take but it’s not the case being a young person in this day and age. I stupidly took a course that I was hopeless at, well I could have done better if circumstances were different but then again I say that every time. I’m going to do International Relations in hope that it will bring me better fortune and yes: so that I can pursue something that I am actually good at rather than a career of convenience. Evidence weigh favourably to the motion that really it doesn’t matter what you study at university it is purely the sake of getting a degree that matters. Besides I can always go back and study maths once I’ve got my wits about me, I reckon I could do well at it if I wasn’t so bloody miserable all the time. I can’t say I did that horrifically considering I only showed up to half the classes, I really don’t have it in me to retake the year now. I barely have any confidence but I have confidence that I would be better at this new course. We shall see what happens. 


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