my mood is as grim as the weather this summer. The terrible weather is simply a mockery to the term summer, what is this? It either floods or is freezing cold. I can’t wait to start university afresh and to meet up with some friends again. Newcastle is not the grim north that everyone tends to think. It’s funny this north south divide. In my eyes, it doesn’t exist. Not any more. Everyone is on the same boat: graduate and youth unemployment, passing time intoxicating one’s self with various substances to get over the fact there really is not much else to do. Getting the last bus of the night going through town, you watch the sequences of the traffic lights go from red to green, the junctions empty of vehicles. The odd siren of a passing by ambulance breaks the harmonious humming of the empty bus. The bus turns inwards towards the centre of town, a party of pickled middle aged women and men stammer the roads, one taking the liberty of staining Grey’s monument with the contains of her stomach. The ambulance we saw go pass not long before is parked in front of a bar, paramedics lifting an unconscious person into a wheelchair as others watch on doing nothing to assist. The bus drives on and into my neighbourhood, where thank goodness it’s quite and serene. I unlock the door to my room, crawl into my bed and retire for the night. It will all start again tomorrow, the meaningless cycle of life. It won’t change where you live, this is life: this isn’t the North or the South: this is life of the modern era. One day there will be someone or something that would draw some cloth over your eyes to the bleak nature of your existence, one day you will die so make some use of the time you’ve got here. I wish everyone got out of their little bubble.   


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