Snowden marking the end of US world dominance?


In all honesty, this day had to come. Espionage and unlawful surveillance from a country that uses uncommon  acts of terror to justify two full on wars should not be a surprise. In fact it confirms the suspicions of most.  These allegations  now give governments the leverage to eventually say no to the USA, and to say no to it’s invisible hand that has been dominating the world since the 2nd World War.

The government of Hong Kong refused to revoke Snowden’s right to travel, and like most governments instead turns the table on the agenda at hand: it instead asks, what information do you have about us that we don’t know about. Whilst being a ‘threat of national security’, Snowden has done little but highlighted the USA’s impeachment of the fundamental human rights of it’s citizens and of other foreign individuals. This gives significance to the information that he holds. He is seen more trustworthy than the American political and legal system, that is seen to have failed not just the American people but it’s constitution. More so, his has more diplomatic agency than any American consulate or embassy has in the world at the moment.  No country, under international law has to deport Snowden. It is even encouraged by Amnesty International that he should not deported back the USA in fear that he may be tortured or mistreated by US authorities.

In many instances, targeted countries would not collaborate with a country that has betrayed them; put them in a collective meeting or alignment in a political summit or committee: this could be most powerful than any legislation or action conducted by the USA.

With the lack of trust in America from the global community (both organisations and nations), it’s economic decline (china predicted to take over by 2017),  and it’s failures in Iraq and Afghanistan: it could be said that America is eventually crumbling into economic, military and political decline. However, unlike Europe’s colonial powers of the early 20th century, it may not be so willing to except this eventuality.


2 thoughts on “Snowden marking the end of US world dominance?

  1. America has sadly angered a great many nations in the past eleven years. But I don’t think it’s safe to say that it’s crumbling. Sure China, and Russia aren’t our biggest fans, but the US is still allied with some of the most powerful nations in the world. And she spends more on her military than the next 14 countries combined. However this probably wouldn’t be necessary if we didn’t spend so much time angering other nations. So the walls of the government aren’t going to come crumbling down anytime soon, but the US has a long road to recovering the glory that it once held.

  2. I disagree, firstly no matter how much one spends on it’s military it’s the results and quality that counts. Expenditure does not always equate to results as seen in their recent endeavours. Secondly, some of their strongest relationships with the EU have been damped by the growing independence and strength of the Eurozone, China and Latin America. It will be shown that their behaviour will no longer be tolerated as their support will no longer be necessary. It is fair to say that China has a stronger hold on Africa and South East Asia than America does purely due to it’s economic assistance and lack of political interference in domestic policy. The USA is going to be overtaken by China. The Eurozone, despite their crisis at the moment, will move away from the status quo of the Marshall Plan as they are probably is better financial shape than America.

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