Georgia O’Keeffe


Her work in art was always referenced in our portfolios, even at the young age of 16 we all admired her work. It was also because we all picked still life as our main subjects, there were never any shortages of flowers and fruit in Malaysia. I wish I did skulls now, but too late now.

I didn’t know there was a film made about her, and I feel a bit ignorant. It is definitely on my To Watch List.

Red Canna


Brighton Festival 2012

An arts, theatre and film festival in the heart of Sussex: Brighton. This picture is from a play called Interiors which I am eagerly anticipating to watch… will try and score some free tickets if I write a review for the Badger or any other magazine who would give me the job. Otherwise the tickets are reasonably priced, the cheapest being £10.

The festival will be between the 5-27th of May.

Here is the link to the website for some more information:

Cool! Got an idea now 🙂

I recently did a photoshoot for Tin Can Radio, a band from Brisbane Australia.
The whole vibe that they give off really reminds me of bands from the late eighties and early nineties – just that raw ‘here we are’ group of boys doin their thing, testosterone in the air which is a good thing! (so many fucking bands are so soft n safe these days walking around in boat shoes looking like they just got off the set of the OC). I tried to capture a bit of that loose poppin’ attitude with 2 main ideas.

1. Setup mobile studio paper wall w/ lights & pull the camera back to include everything in the shot.
2. Create a juxtaposition by smashing old televisions w/ sledgehammers on a cool fresh afternoon somewhere relaxing.

what do you think?


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