Why are students so political? Initial unfinished draft, please comment! :)

Blogging students is a new initiative hosted by the Guardian, and I, being optimistic as ever is hoping to get something on it. A lot of it is to do with very generic student life, like clubbing, exams, internships, sex, drugs and rock and roll: which yes is a big deal but that is certainly not all that happens in student life. The editors, regardless of how bland their uni days may have been should bloody well know this!

First 2 paragraphs…

As a first-year student from an estranged upbringing to the average British undergraduate, it’s hard to not to collude to the thought that I am living in a large student commune of which is Sussex University campus. Regardless of class and financial origin, every student seems to be fairly left wing which contradicts the typical classist stereotype associated with socialism. I thought it was just a reflection on the general liberal vibe that resonates in Brighton but is this endemic of the youth in Britain?

Every university has a democratically elected student union that acts on behalf of the student community, who are affiliated with the National Union of Students (NUS). From the nuclear disarmament movement to the abolishment to the South African Government’s Apatite policy, NUS and other specialised student bodies have been actively protesting and lobbying for positive change.  With social-economic turbulence being so close to our home turf, students are beginning to protest for the betterment of their own lives taking the tuition fee protests of 2011 as a prime example.

Note: I need sources! IF anyone want a comment included, I’d be happy to quote you as long as it’s relevant of course!


Domestic Politics

The university wants to privatise 10% of their services, mainly to make more money even though they are making profit, will have to hunt for those numbers one day.  I guess technically they don’t have to publish them if they aren’t a public listed company unlike the guys running the Kony campaign. It’s mainly targeting the porters, cleaners, caterers and security guys that always have our back and let us BBQ outside in the sun.

So basically yesterday we gave them a piece of our mind and protested out side the vice-chancellor’s office. Our rather cheesy chants were directed at Michael Farthing, our vice-chancellor, who allegedly wanted to close down the Chemistry School because it wasn’t profiteering as much as the other departments. Besides being a core science, the Sussex Chemistry department is the best in the entire country and world renowned. Other rumours of the past  were where student support units have been striped of almost 90% of their funding in order to save money. Considering the state of the halls half of us live in, it’ll be nice to see some liquidity coming into student welfare rather than academic prestige to attract more full-fee paying international students.

Anyway, enough with my rant- here are some pictures. 

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Georgia O’Keeffe


Her work in art was always referenced in our portfolios, even at the young age of 16 we all admired her work. It was also because we all picked still life as our main subjects, there were never any shortages of flowers and fruit in Malaysia. I wish I did skulls now, but too late now.

I didn’t know there was a film made about her, and I feel a bit ignorant. It is definitely on my To Watch List.

Red Canna


An extended weekend- 5 minute Picnic Pasta

It wasn’t really, had a Economics multiple choice but it was a lovely day.

Some pictures from Monday. It got a bit misty in the evening, Sussex is in a bowl.

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Another idiot proof recipe for a picnic.

What you need is:

(This was enough for like 5 people)

500 g of pasta

Half a jar of green pesto

A whole Beef Tomato

A bunch of parsley

Two Cloves of Garlic

A shallot.

Two giant slices of goat’s cheese

What to do:

1. Cook the pasta obviously!

2. Oil in saucepan, fry the shallots and garlic, then put in the tomatoes and parsley once the shallots become translucent.

3. When the pasta is cooked, drain and mix in the sauce with it and the vege you cooked.

4. GOAT’S CHEESE! Or any soft white cheese you have, please don’t put cheddar or red leicester in it… it is the student favourite but there are limits!

Student comforts can go a long way 🙂

Sit outside in the spring sunshine and enjoy 🙂 Oh and some squash.

You, Me And Everyone We Know ))><((

This was a film shown at a lecture hall yesterday. It was certainly contemporary; and even amongst us, there were some mixed reviews. It was surreal, dark, funny but plot-less.  I take joy in understanding the characters, the psychology behind their actions as an excuse to analytically judge another human being without feeling guilt for doing so. Personally I think this film maker took their artistic license a bit too far for my own liking. It’s probably a film makers ideal film in terms of it’s abstract nature but personally it lacked substance. It was even slightly disturbing, especially with the internet romance between little Robby and the museum curator and their eventual meet up. Although I did find it amusing in a dark way, I felt wrong for even laughing it. Perhaps that was the aim of the film to feel: happy, uncomfortable and enlightened simultaneously; but in all honesty I don’t what the goal was. As a member of the audience that really bugs me.  I have to say Robby was easily my favourite character, he was brilliant and I would not mind having a little brother like him.

Not a fan I’m afraid. I do like my indie films. Talking about good indie films: there is one called the Third Star starring the wonderful Benedict Cumberbatch. I’m also a fan of Fish Tank.

Another review on the topic: http://magnoliaforever.wordpress.com/2011/10/09/review-me-and-you-and-everyone-we-know-2005/

A Sunny Weekend: Part 1

I really can’t be bothered to write too much at the moment, I’ve been doing some more revision/ cramming for my test tomorrow.

My dad came down today, I love my dad 🙂 We went Street Thai in the Lanes (Brighton) and we discovered a slice of culinary genius: The Green Tea Cheesecake. I quote directly from the menu itself: “Green tea cheesecake with a crunchy coconut base served with vanilla ice-cream,” Oh and they foolishly forgot to mention the strawberry and strawberry sauce on top of that.

Just googling Green Tea Cheesecake I found this:


I won’t copy the recipe from this person’s blog but here’s the link: http://dessertfirstgirl.com/2009/08/green-tea-cheesecake.html

My Hummingbird Bakery Cookbook also has a Green Tea cupcake recipe that I never get my lazy arse around to baking!

We, then, went on the Wheel of Excellence, basically a big wheel on Brighton Beach. Steve Coogan was polite enough to join us. He was a bit repetitive and after about 3 rounds we really got a bit fed up with his Brighton trivia. The 4th revolution, my Dad was complaining he was bored and eventually told Steve to shut up and turned the speakers off. Poor Steve, things must have gone down hill since the Alan Partridge days (I remember who he is now!). Anyway, here are some pictures of the view; slightly rubbish because they’re from my little Blackberry.


Weekly List- Easter Holidays

Things to do from now to the end of the Easter holidays…

1. Finish the ethical shopping blog entry

2. Volunteering over Easter for Great Escape and SU

3. REVISE!!!

4. Sit and try and not fail Econs test

5. Photos and remember how to use my camera again… been a long time 😦

6. Paint things

7. Bake things

8. Cook things

9. Learn to Sew

10. Eat easter eggs

11. Blog about my buys… pretty pretty dresses!

12. GYM!

Someone keep tabs on this.

Jeremy Clarkson

An introduction:

If you have no idea who this guy is, he’s one of the stupid old men of Top Gear; or as we call them in our household: Top Knobs. I watch that show religiously, they are tremendously idiotic that you just have to watch it.  A complete anus who offends everyone under the sun, of any racial, social or ethnic origin. He is also funny, does sometimes have something intelligent to say (although rare) and was also favoured to run for Prime Minister; where an official petition was created on a government forum and enough signatures were acquired for it to be discussed in the Houses of Parliament. Then again, David Cameron is our Prime Minister.

Here is Jeremy’s Manifesto:
“It’s true that some juvenile oiks come from broken homes where parents have all the child-rearing skills of King Herod. But let’s stop making excuses. These delinquents have been creating mayhem for too long. They need to be taught some fear. Looking down the barrel of a sub-machine gun in a prison camp on the Outer Hebrides might do the trick.”
“Pupils are taught to feel ashamed of their past, our national flag is treated as an embarrassment, our heritage as a source of shame. My Government would end this cultural cringe. The only problem with the Empire is that it wasn’t big enough and didn’t last long enough.
Despite Big Brother, there isn’t enough humiliation in public life for those who deserve it. The medieval authorities had the right idea. The Beckhams will be the first in the stocks, followed by the chairman of the Health & Safety Executive.
“That boring lump of flatness stretching out into the North Sea will have no place in Clarkson’s Britain either. Then all those tiresome luvvies with second homes in Norfolk and Suffolk can have the thrill of going to a foreign country without flying to Tuscany.”
“The former U.S. President Ronald Reagan once said that the state was like a baby’s alimentary canal: endless appetite at one end and utter irresponsibility at the other. My Government will reduce taxes by cracking down on all pen-sucking, paper-pushing jobsworths, outreach counsellors and parking enforcers, equality officers and drugs co-ordinators. Those who resist will be fed very, very slowly into their own office shredders.”
“Under my rule, Britain will withdraw from the EU, so we will no longer be governed by a bunch of sausage-eating Germans, French cheese-eating surrender monkeys and kebab-swallowing Greeks.”
20 PUBLIC EXECUTIONS (of Clarkson himself)

CHANCELLOR: Ken Dodd – very sound on taxation.
MINISTER OF TRANSPORT: Richard Hammond – a man with the right sense of priorities when it comes to modes of travel.
HOME SECRETARY: Henry Cooper – a knockout for criminals.
CABINET SECRETARY: Heidi Klum – no Cabinet meeting would ever be boring with the presence of the supermodel.
MINISTER FOR FOOD & DRINK: Keith Floyd – no more puritan lectures about alcohol units.
FOREIGN SECRETARY: Boris Johnson – diplomacy is his middle name.

From: http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-505788/Jeremy-Clarkson-Prime-Minister.html

More of his nonsense is published in book on a bi-annual basis and printed in newspaper form every Sunday. It is actually really funny, and you have to share his hatred for Piers Morgan but it’s mostly dribble.

So on that note:

He could make 79p, this is well cool 😀